Sensitivity Analysis is the study of how the variation in the output of a system can be quantitatively apportioned to parameters variations. OCKHAM
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Features Ockham Lite* Ockham Advanced*
64-bit Parallel Software top
Out-of-the-box multi-core support that optimally scales
to your machine.
yes yes
Variables self-selection unique
No explicit feature selection required a priori.
yes yes
Self-detection of interdependencies unique
Interdependencies between 2, 3, or more variables are self-detected.
yes yes
Number of potential inputs supported
For direct use in model self-organization, including time lags for dynamic models. Key for model accuracy.
15 new and unique
(within given CPU and Memory constraints)
Min Number of data samples required
For model self-organization. Build reliable models from small samples sizes from noisy data.
1000 new and unique
Best for
Main application purposes.
Sensitivity analysis of moderately complex problems
High-dimensional, industry-level sensitivity analysis
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* Runs on Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
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