Sensitivity Analysis is the study of how the variation in the output of a system can be quantitatively apportioned to parameters variations. OCKHAM
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The next generation of Sensitivity Analysis.
Ockham is an Excel based, innovative global sensitivity analysis tool that combines the intrinsic high dimensional capabilities of our inductive, self-organizing modeling engine with the explicit capabilities of approximating model functions by the High Dimensional Model Representation method. This allows efficiently computing Sobol sensitivity indices without the need of preliminary screening.

Ockham comes with a Quick Start guide, several references for learning more about the scientific foundation, three well-known benchmark examples, and three real-world sample cases. Version 2 adds a new and original algorithm for self-detection of interactions between two or more input variables and for speed improvements of sensitivity analysis.

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Ockham™ app, documentation, and examples
System Requirements Disk Image File
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
  • Any Mac with 64-bit CPU
  • Microsoft Excel for Mac version 2016 or newer
  • Localized for: English, French, German

April 27, 2020
Version 2.0.5

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